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DNA Community Consulting is a collective of consultants who provide speaking solutions that challenge organizational and cultural norms by creating environments where leaders can be bold and thrive. Under the mantra of cultivate, expand and impact, DNA Community Consulting has proven solutions and techniques to help us all be better, do better, and demand better for ourselves, our workplaces, and communities. 

Our mission is to provide solution-based training and programs that cultivate, expand and impact company culture in a variety of positive ways that include creating safer places that value, engage and welcome all identities.

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DNA Community 
Consulting targets:

  • People Managers 

  • Companies 

  • Conferences 

  • Universities 

  • Government

  • Small to Medium-Size Businesses

We target communities, businesses and brands that seek to expand and connect with the importance of understanding workplace impact through belonging and compassion. 

DNA Community 
Consulting is great for:

  • Positional Leaders

  • Educators

  • Customer-facing Staff

  • Students

We use facilitated conversation and training to drive authentic engagement that is focused on system change to uplift and inspire communities. 

Our Focus
Speaking for Solutions

Partnering for Solutions


Our program development services are great for companies that have identified a potential pain point that could hinder further growth. Our team is dedicated to providing program development for onboarding, workforce inclusion, group strategizing, performance coaching, and more.       

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DNA Community Consulting's strategic planning is a deep dive into what is needed to effectuate immediate change. Even the most dynamic leaders need a plan.

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DNA Community Consulting led workshops are great for companies and organizations that have not truly identified a pain point, but they are aware that one could exist. Our workshop attendees assess diversity, consider perspective and voice, and leave with actionable goals.

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DNA designs rich workshops that challenge students, encouraging them to respect difference in one another, honor their own personal well-being and practice thoughtful engagement.
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